The CropTec Show 2017

Registration is free for all those who pre-register before the event.

Sprayer demonstrations and the latest arable kit feature at The Croptec Show

Some of the latest developments in sprayers and other arable machinery will be available to view and, in some cases, try out at The CropTec Show, which returns to East of England Showground, Peterborough, on 29th and 30th November.

CropTec’s outdoor sprayer demonstration area gives visitors an exclusive opportunity to test drive and experience on a one-to-one basis, the latest sprayers in the market from leading manufacturers.

80% of CropTec visitors last year rated the sprayer demonstration area as excellent. Delegates get a unique first-hand experience of the machines, dedicated time with an expert and a place to compare the most up-to-date innovations and technology in the market.

Simply visit each of the manufacturer’s stands in the exhibition hall to arrange your test drive. The following manufacturers are taking part:

Sprayer demo AgrifacAgrifac

Agrifac’s Condor is equipped with the StabiloPlus chassis, which ensures unrivalled stability, says the company.

The sprayer’s EcoTronicPlus system provides operators with up-to -date information while spraying and while driving on the road. GreenFlowPlus means the spray system’s contact is minimal, making the system quick and easy to clean.

The Agrifac Condor has been designed with a modern and comfortable cabin, with maximum space and visibility.


Chafer claims its Sentry ‘e’ trailed sprayer continues the company’s tradition of designing and building durable, reliable machines.

The new ePlumbing system offers automatic filling, dilution and rinsing of the sprayer from the tractor seat, while the new Contour boom-levelling system automatically adjusts the boom both above and below horizontal for Chafer’s best-ever application control, says the firm.

Sprayer demo HorschHorsch

The Horsch Leeb PT 280 self-propelled sprayer features the award-winning BoomControl Pro system, close nozzle spacing, pneumatic nozzle control and an advanced cleaning system. A Tier 4 285hp Mercedes engine powers a proven hydrostatic transmission and mechanical axle drive for excellent traction in hilly terrain and a 50kph road speed, says Horsch.

John Deere

John Deere’s new 6250R tractor will be hitched to a 5200-litre capacity R952i trailed sprayer equipped with the innovative PowrSpray wet system.

The 6250R develops up to 300hp with Intelligent Power Management and is fitted as standard with JDLink telematics, including remote display access (RDA) and wireless data transfer (WDT) linked to the website portal.


Sprayer demo LemkenLemken

The Lemken Vega is the first trailed field sprayer developed internally by the Alpen agricultural machinery specialist. Its modern design and innovative technology make it a highly efficient and easy-to-operate sprayer, says Lemken.

The Vega sprayer is available with 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000-litre tanks and SEH boom widths of 15 to 24m. Lemken says the sprayer’s low centre of gravity, achieved despite its large tyres and generous ground clearance, offers excellent stability.

Sprayer demo Lite-tracLite-Trac

Lite-Trac’s SS24000 is fitted with a 5,000-litre tank and 36 bifold duo boom, a pre-production dual-use boom has been under test.

Designed to spray and apply Avadex at the same time, with up to 24 sections controlled automatically on chemical and solids, the machine is said to provide very accurate application across 36m.

In the trade stands…

Kverneland has updated its dual-screen Tellus isobus terminal to PRO-specification. Called Tellus PRO, the unit retains its 12.1in touchscreen format, but now includes a higher definition display along with much more internal computing power.

With advanced hardware and software features, Tellus PRO benefits from quad-core processing power, boosting its capacity and its capability, allowing the terminal to handle much more demanding applications, including automatic steering guidance, says Kverneland.

New John Deere technology will feature at CropTec, with the focus on machine, system and operator connectivity leading to increased efficiency and reduced operating costs.

The Operations Centre in serves as the central online location for farmers and contractors to connect to their machines and their fields. It also allows a wide range of partners to provide additional support to customers.

The latest apps make it very easy to keep track of machinery, get advice on seed and fertiliser rates or spray requirements and monitor machine productivity.

For example, the new MyJobConnect service includes a MyJobsManager app for farm or fleet managers and contractors, and a MyJobs app for operators. There is also an additional app in the MyJobConnect Premium service called MyLogistics, which is an intelligent ag navigation app.

Services can be accessed from the office computer or using dedicated apps for tablets and smartphones.

Claydon will be providing information on its latest products, including the new Inter-Row Hoe. This provides an effective method of controlling weeds in combinable crops which have been band-sown using a Claydon Hybrid drill.

Developed to help growers enhance levels of weed control, counteract reductions in the efficacy of some current herbicides and reduce input costs, Claydon says it has been thoroughly prototyped on the Claydon family’s own farms.

Vaderstad has launched the CrossCutter Disc to improve the mixing of trash and soil at shallow depths of 2-3cm on stubbles, cover crops and on ploughed land, achievable at speeds of up to 20kph but with a low horsepower requirement.

The new disc, fitted to the Väderstad Carrier, has a diameter of 450mm and is individually mounted to a rubber suspended disc arm for enhanced ground contouring.

Other developments from the firm include a new fertiliser placement kit designed as an attachment for the combination cultivator TopDown and the heavy tined cultivator Opus, and a new small seeds kit for Vaderstad’s Tempo high speed precision drill, to include crops such as oilseed rape and sugar beet.

Grange Machinery will explain how its low-disturbance soil-loosening toolbars can help growers get on top of black-grass. The machines come in widths of 3m, 4m or 6m with six, eight or twelve legs and can be used in conjunction with a trailed machine or as a standalone a primary cultivator.

Leading discs cut in front to minimise surface disturbance. The legs are all located on a beam that is hydraulically powered into work independent of the carrying frame, and working depth can be adjusted hydraulically on the move.

Drill maker Monosem will be highlighting its recently launched electric drive system as well as the flexibility of its precision seed drill range.

The electric drive system enables operators to manage seed rates on the move from the cab to compensate for changes in soil type, and raise them in rows alongside tramlines to compensate for the missing plant rows.

The system also includes Section Control, which uses GPS to automatically switch rows off as they run onto headlands.

Chafer has made a number of upgrades to its range of Sentry and Guardian trailed sprayers.

A new boom suspension assembly offers improved contour following, whilst also allowing the boom to run closer to the ground (below 50cm).

The advanced ePlumbing system has been updated to use CANbus valves that offer operators real time information of the valve’s status and position, which is essential during automatic filling, rinsing and general plumbing functions.

Variable tank agitation is also featured with automatic shut-off at low tank volumes to eliminate foaming, all controlled from the ePlumbing screen.

The steering system on ‘e’ spec machines has also been updated, using sensors mounted to the sprayer, meaning no connection to the tractor is required. The new system increases steering sensitivity and assists tractor-following.

BDC Systems will highlight the complete range of grain handling, drying, cleaning and storage equipment, which includes the Skandia Elevator range of belt and bucket elevators and chain and flight conveyors and the increasingly popular Svegma continuous-flow grain driers.

Griffith Elder will be showcasing its portable weigh- beams and on-board agricultural trailer weighing system.

The weigh-beams come with a large display which can be easily seen from the tractor cab. Net weights can be saved to a memory stick, enabling simple yield per field harvest recording.

The on-board agricultural trailer weighing system allows drivers to fill the trailers whilst on the move, and eliminates the need to stop at a public weighbridge.

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