Rothamsted Research at CropTec 2019

Rothamsted Research will be launching a new improved version of its CROPROTECT app at CropTec this year.

With an enhanced search function, social media sign in and the very latest information on pests, weeds, diseases and crops, the app is an indispensable tool for all arable farmers seeking to optimise their pest management.

CROPROTECT is a web-based knowledge exchange system to provide farmers and agronomists with guidance on pest, weed and disease management, especially in situations where effective pesticides are not available and alternative approaches are required.


  • Information is tailored to the crops you grow. CROPROTECT can group together the pest-weed-disease complex for each crop you select and targets are tailored from feedback from pioneer users
  • Content is selected to aid integrated pest management. No faffing about – CROPROTECT tells you about the biology and impact of the target and then goes straight to management recommendations
  • Interactive functions allow for two-way discussion. We’re not just talking at you; you can have your say too! We know that you’re the expert for your local field and are only giving decision support not decision making

You can download CROPROTECT free from your preferred app store or visit the website at

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