WITH continued pressure on plant protection products, establishing crops this coming season will be as challenging as ever. Growers are encouraged to remember the relevance of rooting and root health to gain rapid establishment and avoid pest pressure. Don Pendergrast explains more.
Don Pendergrast – Product Development & Technical Manager for UK & Ireland
“The role of plant nutrition is well known in early crop development, but now, interest is growing in how best to harness this potential through improved rooting. Plants source nutrients via the root system and leaves, and one method of improving rooting is biostimulants – products that can improve the health, depth and size of roots.
Biostimulants work by improving the plant’s metabolism, facilitating nutrient and water absorption through the root system, and by boosting quality attributes such as fruit setting, grain quality and limiting flower drop. Plant health and vigor improves a plant’s ability to tolerate stress conditions, so allowing yield to reach its potential.
But Biostimulants certainly aren’t a replacement for traditional plant protection or nutrition products, instead they should be used as a complimentary addition to encourage overall health and vitality. Because we know so much more now about how crop nutrition works, we understand that stimulating a plant’s immune system and metabolism is key, and how this can be influenced in a positive manner, such as by using biostimulants.
The biostimulants and biosolutions market makes a considerable contribution to the sustainable agriculture agenda and we are proud to be developing our portfolio to include more of these products, such as active ingredient GA142.
GA142 was developed by Arysta LifeScience for use in biostimulants. It works by unlocking nutrients in the soil which may otherwise be unavailable to the plant, whilst stimulating the enzymes that enhance plant root growth. One of our GA142 products is Rooter. Trials have shown that Rooter increases root weight by up to 40% in a range of crops, allowing better access to nutrition which is vital in breaking yield barriers.
This is a valuable tool available to growers this autumn, an example application being for improving oilseed rape crops resilience against drought stress and flea beetle damage. It works because improved rooting can help crops to survive dry weather and access the moisture needed to grow away from cabbage stem flea beetle attacks. By applying Rooter, growers can help to alleviate both environmental and pest stresses and break the illusive yield barrier.”

Rooter will be among the products showcased by Arysta LifeScience at CropTec on 
November 29&30. For more information, visit www.arystalifescience.co.uk
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