Product flexibility is the key to pest-free grain stores

TREATING both grain and storage structures, pyrethroid insecticide Talisma® EC offers growers greater flexibility whilst ensuring consistent control.

One aspect of its flexibility is that it can be used either preventatively or curatively, targeting a range of pests including weevils and mites.

Head Technical Manager for UPL UK & Ireland, Don Pendergrast said: “The presence of insects within a grain store depreciates the value of the whole stored crop, and can ultimately lead to rejection.

“Growers and pest controllers have long told us that the value of Talisma EC lies within its spectrum of use. Firstly, it can be used preventatively or curatively, and this goes hand-in-hand with the fact it can be sprayed either directly to grain, or onto the storage facility itself.

“It can also be applied at two dose rates and has no withholding period prior to the grain being processed. It’s this greater level of flexibility which gives the product it’s added value.”

Cypermethrin acts by ingestion and contact at very low dose, causing rapid knock-down, whereas piperonyl butoxide is a synergist, inhibiting the enzyme which detoxifies cells after cypermethrin has been applied.

The synergistic action of piperonyl butoxide enhances the efficacy of cypermethrin, whilst also helping to manage resistance. This is further optimised by using Talisma EC as part of a wider resistance management programme, alongside products with other modes of action.

Martin Cobbald, Managing Director of Dealey & Associates, said: “We’ve been using Talisma EC for three years now. The insecticide is very cost effective which is important to our customers.

“We mostly deal with farmers who have seen their margins slowly eroding over the last 10 years, with input costs going up across the board. Having such cost-effective materials for our business has meant that we can pass on the savings to our customers, and they are always very happy to hear news of a saving.

“The active in Talisma, cypermethrin, gives us a lot of confidence in a very quick knock-down effect on insects, making it ideal for treatments right up to harvest and for short-haul grain shipments on boats.”

Trials have shown that when used at full dose as a preventative product, Talisma EC can provide protection against grain store pests for up to 12 months.

Mr Pendergrast added: “The trials also showed that when used curatively at full dose, it takes less than three hours to achieve complete mortality of pests such as weevils.

“It’s this proven efficacy that gives growers confidence that they are protected against pest attacks, and if one does occur, that they have a fast-acting tool to overcome it.”

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