Prodata Weather Systems announces the launch of the LCJ DZP ultrasonic anemometer

This new unit is fully compatible with Davis Vantage Pro 2 & EnviroMonitor range of weather stations and is ideal for users looking for a responsive, higher quality anemometer for use with a Davis station.

Ultrasonic anemometers bring a number of benefits compared to the more traditional mechanical designs:

  • No moving parts to deteriorate over time, hence ultrasonic anemometers are maintenance-free and can deliver sustained performance over extended periods;
  • Resilient to harsh environments such as coastal locations;
  • Sensing air movements directly allows excellent sensitivity and responses to wind gusts;
  • Other technical advantages such as the absence of a dead zone at 360° and a low 1mph start-up speed;

This DZP anemometer is fully compatible with Davis VP2 and EM stations and is a direct drop-in replacement for the standard 6410 anemometer, fully mirroring the 6410 data interface and with the 5m signal cable terminating in the standard RJ11 plug. This DZP model is completely self-powered with a small solar panel on the upper face of the unit and a rechargeable battery in its stem.

Further details are available on the main Prodata website at and the DZP anemometers may be purchased from our online shop .

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