Premium Crops announce the launch of the website

British consumers will soon be able to benefit from the enriched Omega-3 products that have long been available to consumers in France, with the launch of

LoveLinseed is a website dedicated to the promotion and sale of Linette®, a blend of wheat flour and specially prepared linseed flour. With its enhanced Omega-3 content Linette® can be used in recipes at home to replace or supplement wheat flour in cakes, bread, biscuits, desserts and host of other uses.

For the last two years, around 15% of the entire UK Linseed Crop has been sown with the Ultra High Omega-3 linseed variety, VT50 (also known as NuLin50). Grown on buy-back contracts with Premium Crops, it is this variety that produces the exceptionally high Omega-3 levels that are so valued by, Valorex, the French animal feed processors and manufacturers of the Linette® range of products. (see: Valorex are original members of the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur (BBC) Association (ref: ), an organisation founded on the principle that ‘quality materials produce quality food’. Endorsed by the French Ministry of Agriculture and the United Nations (see: ) the BBC concept is supported by numerous scientific studies, including no less than 5 clinical studies in human nutrition.

The Association offers thousands of BBC endorsed consumer products across France including milk and cheese, eggs and meat as well as
the Linette® linseed range. will be launched in the UK at the CropTec Show on 28th November, offering Linette “Classique”, the original blend of wheat and linseed flour, for UK consumers to buy and try at home. In addition to offering the product for sale, the website also tells the story of the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur concept, the unique processes that Valorex have developed to create the Linette® product and a number of exciting recipes for people
to try at home.

In time, Premium Crops, the company behind intend to extend the range with more Linette® products such as Linette® Sarrasin, a blend of linseed flour with Buckwheat and Linette® Son d’Avoine, a blend of Linseed flour with Oat Bran.

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