The CropTec Show 2017

Join Robert Lockhart this November at The CropTec Show – attend his session in the Crop Establishment seminar session.

Registration is free for all those who pre-register before the event.

Practical solutions to better establishment

Robert Lockhart, Chairman of the Crop Establishment seminar

There have been amazing advances in farming technology over recent years, but despite plenty of “next-big-thing” kit available to buy, we still find average farm yields falling short of genetic potential.

Achieving good establishment is central to the success of any crop, although in many years it is easier said than done given the vagaries of UK weather – wet or dry – and the variability of soils.

Understanding soil health is the keystone to profitability and there is some great work going on that is putting the science into soil health to help us farmers make the most of this valuable asset. The session’s opening speaker from Rothamsted will explain more about soil microbiology and how we can protect soils long-term.

Deciding which establishment method to use is different for every farm given the host of other factors to consider, from black-grass to the equipment available, which is where independent consultant Philip Wright will provide some options for specific scenarios.

To get the best out of our soils we must look at everything in the round, from underlying soil health and nutrient status to cultivation type and crops grown. This is a long-term process, which doesn’t necessarily sit well with short-term rental agreements. Even so, there are things everyone can do, either within individual seasons or over several years, to protect and enhance soils. It’s not a case of spending more, but doing things better.

Cost will always be a big factor, especially as margins remain tight, so it is fitting that Suffolk farmer Brian Barker, an ex-AHDB Monitor Farmer and new Strategic Farm East, will finish the session with his view on how to establish crops while keeping an eye on costs.

It’s an excellent mix of speakers that combines soil science with practical advice that won’t cost a fortune.

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