Post-show essentials – Things people forget to do after the big event

  • Say thank you to your visitors via social media and emails. Include a press release, a video message from you or a member of staff, making sure you add what successes you had!
  • Follow up on leads promptly – Whilst it’s fresh in attendees’ minds, make sure you follow up on leads, in whatever manner suits their enquiry – an email, phone call, or video meeting. This is where customer service really kicks in!
  • Make sure you contact anyone who requested a meeting but you didn’t have time for! These could be more leads and potential customers!
  • Measure your success – Look at your goals and see where you succeeded and what could be improved for next time. Remember to track progress 3 and 6 months after the event too, to track the contacts made right down to the bottom line.
  • Send a mailing to all show visitors – Along the lines of ‘sorry we missed you, but did you know’ which includes your main exhibit highlights will go a long way in getting some new contacts and leads. Speak to the sales team to book in your post-show email. (Limited availability)
  • Book your exhibit for next year – Now’s the time to make the most of early bird prices and the best packages!

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