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New BFS foliar nitrogen delivers significant savings

Billericay Farm Services exhibiting on stand 170 in hall 1

Farmers are achieving significant savings with our two exciting new foliar nitrogen products. They are using both BFS PolyN Plus and BFS PolyN Tonic on a wide range of crops, either during the growing season as a primary nitrogen source or to ‘pep them up’ later in the cycle.

Formulated with urea polymers, sulphur and selected trace elements, they release nitrogen more slowly, increasing nutrient availability. Improved leaf adhesion vastly reduces losses from volatilisation or run off while a very low salt index drastically reduces the risk of scorch. This means that the overall amount of nitrogen can be reduced.

BFS PolyN Plus – Apply 30-100 litres per hectare of BFS PolyN Plus as a primary nitrogen source. Or, to improve protein level in milling wheat, use 25 litres per hectare after flowering (GS 69-75).

BFS PolyN Tonic – Use 3-10 litres per hectare of BFS PolyN Tonic for foliar applications to ‘pep up’ your crops when it’s dry or during periods of rapid growth in May and June.

BFS, a UK leader in crop nutrition, has been supplying farmers and growers with a wide range of fertilisers since 1948.

The BFS PolyN facts…

  • Effective throughout the growing season
  • Very low salt index means much less likely to scorch (PolyN Plus salt out index is 0.05 compared with urea at 12.32)
  • Environmentally safer – less risk of contaminating ground water – and reduces carbon footprint
  • Can be applied with standard spray jets – BFS Air Bubble Jets ideal.

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