Novel business advice at The CropTec Show

Strutt & Parker

Growers looking for guidance on whether they should consider introducing new crops into their rotation to improve profitability can seek advice from Strutt & Parker’s team of agronomists at CropTec.

Arable crop production is set to get tougher in the UK, due to a likelihood of tighter margins as direct payments are phased out as part of the Agricultural Bill and a reduction in available chemistry and growing resistance problems.

A rotation that adds yield, saves costs and is profitable is a must, says the company. It must also be resistant to extremes of weather. Crops, so far as possible, need to complement each other to improve soil microflora, reduce soil borne pests and diseases, as well as offering opportunities to improve drainage and reduce the grass weed burden.

Strutt & Parker is also encouraging arable farmers to benchmark their performance to help identify where they can cut costs and improve performance as direct payments are phased out.

The firm is offering detailed arable crop production reviews, which can be used as the basis of a discussion about practical steps which can be taken to bring about positive change. Details will be available at CropTec.


A variety of specialist topics with a diverse range of experts will be on show at the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s stand.

Farm business health will be a key focus, including advice on benchmarking and the potential of the new Farmbench tool.

In addition, Jenna Watts, team leader for the AHDB Recommended List, will be speaking in the seminar programme to talk about the RL look ahead survey and what the future holds for the variety selection guide.

Growers will be able to ask questions and provide feedback to help improve the RLs and shape the future model.

Hectare Agritech

Hectare Agritech, the parent company of online marketplaces, Graindex and SellMyLivestock, is urging farm businesses to embrace online marketplaces or risk being left behind.

Using the online marketplace results in more competition and engagement from buyers, giving farmers access to the best deal available, says the firm.

Platforms of this nature put everyone on a level playing field, giving smaller, specialist buyers the chance to compete on more farms and providing farmers with more transparency, it adds.

Cranfield University

Visitors will be able to view some of the most innovative research on show at the Cranfield University stand. They can also arrange on-to-one meetings with Cranfield University academics during the show to discuss research/consultancy priorities associated with that research, which includes:

  • Soils – Cranfield has the largest collection of soil and water scientists in the UK and have been designated by Defra as the national reference centre for soils. Expertise includes soil biology, chemistry and physics, soil conservation and erosion, sustainable soil management and soil-tillage engagement.
  • Plant science – critical areas addressed include phenotyping, bioinformatics, mycology and crop water use.
  • Reducing food losses and waste – Cranfield has one of the largest and best equipped centres in Europe dedicated to research in post-harvest biology and technology.
  • Satellite to seed – the university is a world leader in digital agriculture, using advances in sensor technology, informatics and data sciences to drive innovation in agriculture.

For more information contact Dr Rob Simmons at

Farm 491

Farm 491 will be highlighting opportunities at its new £4.2m Alliston Centre for innovators looking to develop a technological solution to benefit food and farming.

The facility is located at Farm491’s agritech incubation and enterprise hub at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU).

The centre is a headquarters for innovators working across the UK’s agriculture and land-based industries to grow their businesses. The 15,000 sq ft building, which has been open since 31st July, will create a collaborative, entrepreneurial community. The building also presents SMEs who need a multi-location presence with a central location and flexible working environment.

In addition to the practical space, members who take up occupancy can collaborate, form partnerships and make valuable contacts to support the advancement of their own business growth, says Farm 491.


In an ever-evolving sector such as agriculture, innovation is key to creating a competitive advantage and developing a strong market position. Over its 20-year history Leyton has been helping companies with this, working with clients to understand where the research and development is within their business, then exploring where it qualifies for government funding, grants or tax credits.

This creates a pool of innovation resource that can be re-invested to further the continuous innovation culture of the business, says the firm.

Exhibition Hall at The CropTec Show

With over 170 exhibitors showcasing the latest in arable technology, updates and services, The CropTec Show is your one-stop shop for all things arable. Exhibitors will be showcasing their products with demonstrations and displays on stand.

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