Michelin to bring new technology tyres to The CropTec Show

Michelin will bring two of its latest generation tyres to the CropTec Show 2018, including its SIMA Innovation Gold Medal-winning EvoBib farm tyres – which feature a smart ‘2 in 1’ tread pattern that evolves to match the application.

Fresh from rigorous customer testing, the tyres are now available on the market and are designed to support farmers who increasingly opt for larger machinery that must perform both in the field and on the road.

Chris Dolman, Michelin’s Operational Marketing Manager, explains: “At high pressures for road work, the tyres’ central band grips the road to deliver an optimised profile for a smoother and vibration-free ride, while improving fuel efficiency and safety.

“But when the pressures are reduced for field work the tyres’ footprint spreads across a wider and much longer surface, helping to boost traction and reduce compaction.”

Joining the EvoBib on display will be a preview of Michelin’s new RoadBib tyres, just days ahead of their planned international launch in December.

Michelin says the new tyres are aimed at contractors, whose tractors typically spend up to 80 per cent of their time on the road.

They feature a brand-new unique tread design for an agricultural tyre. Key benefits include increased driver comfort and an expected increase in tyre life versus traditional tyres.

The Michelin stand will also feature a series of sand beds to demonstrate the difference in footprint and soil compaction between different tyres and pressures –highlighting the importance of optimising tyre specification and setup.

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