Maximise Your Crops Natural Defences – Nutritional Health at its Best with SCYON

By Unium Bioscience

Plant metabolism has a multi-layered approach to defence with primary and secondary metabolism - Unium have researched these key pathways to provide the best support for the plant with SCYON without utilising growth / yield robbing resources from the plant.

With a lot of modern crop inputs, we are looking at an insurance against risk approach, this is especially true for crop health and disease control as eradicant fungicide activity has declined dramatically over recent years. So let's consider Risk, which is the probability of something happening x the consequence of it happening and so in a lot of cases due to the potential crop loss due to disease infection we treat with a 2, 3 or even 4 spray fungicide programme.

There are other ways in which we can utilise agronomy tools to help mitigate these effects of pathogenic fungi, which include varietal resistance, drilling date, nitrogen management etc etc Unium have researched the metabolic pathways involved in plant defence mechanisms and critically without utilising growth / yield robbing resources from the plant. Plant metabolism has a multi-layered approach to defence with primary and secondary metabolism being involved to different degrees. Supporting both of these will help to manage overall crop health and reduce disease infection and severity. Unium over a 10 year period have developed a unique complex which contains six plant metabolites plus supporting nutrients – potassium, manganese, zinc, an unusual foliar-acting form of sulphur (which supports a defence pathway known as Sulphur Induced Resistance), and finally a carefully balanced amount of nitrogen. The six metabolites support 14 different metabolic pathways – all with key roles to play in nutrient balance, plant defence mechanisms or stress management. As plants become nutritionally unbalanced, their ability to coordinate a rapid defence response is impaired. Nutritionally limited plants tend to be more susceptible to biotic and abiotic stress, so disease levels increase, water stress increases, stem strength weakens, attraction to pests and disease increases etc. This illustrates that maintaining nutritional stoichiometry (balance) is critical for plant health

It’s a complicated relationship and one Unium Bioscience have successfully cracked with the release of SCYON a complex of metabolites and nutritional support, Unium believe they have created a reliable and robust complement to the farmer's fungicide armoury. It has been well proven at Nottingham University with Steve Rossall and Dr Tom McCabe of University College Dublin followed by over 75 different in field trials with key distributors HLH, Agrii and other independent researchers, showing a very reliable fungicide support for septoria and brown and yellow rust control in wheat and is looking very promising adding support for ramularia in barley which is worse under severe stress. Fungicides are active on the disease pathogen whereas Scyon has no fungicidal activity and works on the plant to strengthen its defences, not the disease itself. You can find out more at

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