Kverneland – High-speed spreading with the TLX GEOspread

High-speed spreading with the TLX GEOspread

The Exacta twin-disc fertiliser spreader range continues to evolve, and a new model now heads up the range. Called the TLX GEOspread, this new flagship represents further development of the Kverneland Exacta series.

With high output, high speeds and high flow rates as the goal, TLX GEOspread benefits from a much larger CentreFlow distribution system, which sees the maximum flow rates boosted from 320kg/min up to 540kg/min.

Typically a flow rate of 540kg/min can be achieved at a forward speed of 16kph while spreading at a 40m working width. A narrower spread width affords access to even higher forward speeds, boosting output and productivity.

CentreFlow manages the way fertiliser is distributed to the eight spreading vanes, accelerating material up to disc speeds through the dosing cup, preserving material quality.

This technique improves upon the Exacta’s already successful spreading patterns, and affords an even higher degree of accuracy with the TLX model, which remains intact when spreading at high application rates and at high forward speeds.

Equipped with GEOspread, the TLX also provides automatic section control, dividing the spreader’s working width into two metre sections. As the spreading width is automatically adjusted to compensate for irregular field shapes, the application rate is automatically adjusted to match the change in spread width.

TLX GEOspread maintains the proven four weigh cells and a reference sensor monitoring system, and the spreader is ISOBUS compatible – the later affords automatic start/stop on headlands when linked with IsoMatch Tellus or IsoMatch Tellus GO universal terminals.

Hopper capacities extend from 1,875 to 3,900 litres, and the working width is from 24-40m.

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