Key technical updates to be aired at CropTec Knowledge Hubs

Quickfire updates on some of the most topical technical arable issues will feature throughout the Knowledge Hubs programme at The CropTec Show, which takes place on 28th and 29th November at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

The hubs have become a firm favourite with visitors since they were introduced to the event in 2014, and this year’s line-up will undoubtedly build on that.

The Blackgrass Hub will deliver the latest messages to help growers keep on top of this profit-robbing menace. The OSR Establishment Hub will update growers on key techniques to get crops off to a good start, while visitors to the Biosolutions Hub will hear about the opportunities offered by this fast-growing sector to maximise crop potential.

The Spraying Technology Hub will provide guidance on optimising application techniques, and the Cereal Diseases Hub offers expert advice on control of the key cereal diseases and resistance management.

The hubs consist of key take-away messages that enable visitors to keep abreast of important technical developments while allowing them plenty of time to cover other key features at the event. These include three packed trade halls, featuring leading suppliers of the latest technology, products, machines and services, and the widely respected CropTec seminars which cover four key areas – crop breeding, crop protection, crop nutrition and crop establishment.

Development director Stephen Howe says: “The CropTec Show’s specialist hubs and seminar programme together provide the ideal backdrop and catalyst for more detailed discussion throughout the day on the technical stands and refreshment areas, as visitors seek the latest solutions to improve their technical and business efficiency.”

The CropTec Show 2018 hubs

Black-grass Hub  Sponsored by Bayer

This year’s black-grass hub focuses on the link between soil health and weed control, with farmers and soil specialists explaining how improving soil quality can boost black-grass control.

Soil quality influences so many areas that are important for weed control, such as compaction and poor drainage, and incremental improvements in soil quality can make a real difference.

Better soil condition can also give more flexibility with crop choice and drilling date which is invaluable in the fight against black-grass.

Speakers include Prof Dick Godwin, farmers Tom Jewers and David Lord, Hutchinisons Nicholas Strelczuk and  Bayer’s Ben Giles.

Biosolutions Hub  Sponsored by Arysta LifeScience

Interest in plant health is fast gaining momentum, as growers and agronomists look for alternative products to enhance existing crop protection methods.

Part of this interest has been in the biosolutions and biostimulant market. Biosolutions foster plant health throughout the life cycle, acting as a complementary addition to crop nutrition and crop protection products.

The hub will examine the role of biostimulants in early crop establishment and delve into the world of biosolutions and investigate the role of elicitors, compounds that induce a natural defence response. Speakers include Dr Steve Rossall of Nottingham University and Dr Neil Havis of SRUC.

Spraying Technology Hub  Sponsored by Syngenta

The stewardship and future availability of crop protection products demands accurate and effective application.

New advances in application technology enable operators to better hit their target for more effective results and with less impact on the environment.

The hub will bring farmers and operators up to speed with the latest developments, and insights into how they can be best used in practice.

The key focus will be on reducing the risk of drift, understanding the dynamics of droplet design and ensuring more spray hits the intended target.

Information on buffer zones, a new conservation agriculture initiative and innovation in precision agriculture delivery also feature.

Cereal Diseases Hub  Sponsored by Adama

The Cereal Diseases Hub will provide visitors with the latest thoughts and advice on control of and protection from key cereal diseases including Septoria and rusts in wheat, and Ramularia and net blotch in barley.

The hub will feature input from industry experts on managing disease resistance and sensitivity shifts, which threaten the efficacy of the current crop protection armoury.

Adama’s fungicide technical specialist, Andy Bailey, will discuss how to optimise disease control by incorporating multisite fungicides into an integrated disease management programme.

The hub will also provide barley growers with information to ensure crops meet the relevant technical specifications required by today’s maltsters.

OSR Establishment hub  Sponsored by Dekalb

The hub will feature a series of presentations from Dekalb and other experts, giving the latest advice and updates.

Dekalb will focus on minimising soil movement ahead of sowing and effective consolidation immediately after, as well as delaying sowing to be sure of sufficient soil moisture to support establishment and germination.

Regardless of soil type, establishment regime or sowing time, attention to detail in variety choice and sowing practice for the best establishment are the key factors distinguishing growers achieving higher than average OSR yields from those with more modest performance levels, according to the latest national study.

The CropTec Show event is free for visitors to attend, provided tickets are booked in advance. Those planning to attend the event can keep up with the latest news by signing up to the event newsletter at

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