Keltie LLP – helping agritech buisnesses protect their intellectual property

By Keltie Llp

Keltie LLP helps businesses protect their inventions through patents, and their creativity through trade marks and designs.

Have you ever wondered about how or whether to protect your new ideas and inventions?

Have you heard about intellectual property, but thought it was only suitable for other businesses; or perhaps, just too complicated or expensive to bother with?

Would you like to sell or license an invention, but don’t know how to protect your business from competitors in the UK or abroad?

Have you been looking for an IP firm that is approachable, adaptable, and which always aims to achieve valuable IP protection that is in line with your commercial strategy and budget?

Keltie is an intellectual property firm with a unique personality. A firm with a proven, successful track record in London and now with new and expanding offices in Cambridge, the Cotswolds, and Galway (Ireland), we are uniquely placed to assist our clients in the agritech sector, wherever they are based in the UK and Ireland.

We are renowned for our excellence, earned by putting talented, energetic and principled people at our heart. But more than that - we care.

Every client, from individuals, to start-ups to SMEs to multinationals has their unique needs. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our client’s business - their plans and ambitions. We work with them, watch them grow, advising at every stage, and ultimately aim to deliver high value, useful protection that makes a real difference to each client’s business.

There is ever-increasing attention on the agritech sector which is seeing rapid technological expansion, in the UK, in Europe and worldwide. Fuelled by the need to feed the world’s growing population while limiting inputs, and the changing focus of the UK government funding as outlined in the Agriculture Bill, it is no surprise that more and more companies are seeing the value of protecting their inventions and creativity through patents, trade marks and other IP rights.

We offer a free, no obligation, initial one-hour consultation with a qualified attorney for those attending the CropTec Show - whether you would like some advice on whether patent, design or trade mark protection is right for you, or you would just appreciate a second opinion - come and talk to us.

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