JRH Water Management have designed a unique rainwater harvesting system

Rainwater harvesting in a traditional sense relies on the tank being sized to cope with approx. 1.5 months of average rainfall and movement of water when rain is entering the tank to help keep the water clean and fresh.

This has a problem when large stores of water are needed and traditional rainwater harvesting cannot cope with this. Also, keeping large amounts of water for periods of time will make the water ‘turn’ and not be in a condition needed for use.

JRH have designed a solution for this – Mass Store Rainwater Harvesting

Using JRH’s industry leading knowledge in agricultural rainwater harvesting and water treatment, JRH have designed a unique system to collect large amounts of water when it is raining and store for when the business needs it, with the water at end use being high quality


You can collect and store water in a `full yield` from the roof – for example

800m2 roof on average yearly rainfall of 800mm going through the filter to store = 576,000L

On traditional rainwater harvesting there would be a tank of 30,000L and once this is full then will overflow regardless on amount of rainfall

With Mass Store we take the 576,000L as the maximum amount of water per year and then the customer tells us the amount they wish to store for use ie 100,000L and store tanks will be installed to this amount.

JRH will supply a chemical to be added to the stored water, this will keep the water clean from bacteria and pathogens that `turn` water. This now means the stored water can be kept for long periods of time and then water can be used when you need it!



·         Ideal for spraying systems

·         Store for when the water is needed

·         The treatment also stimulates root growth

·         No harmful by products on the treatment

·         On larger downpours now can collect more water than traditional systems

·         Has the same benefits and uses as traditional rainwater harvesting

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