iXtrack T3 improves liquid management for Norfolk grower

Norfolk grower Ed Langfor has recently bought an iXtrack T3 trailed sprayer with which to apply sprays and fertilisers at the family’s 242ha Laurel Farm, Wereham. Supplied by local dealer BW Mack, his T3 is equipped with 3,200-litre tank and 24m boom with seven sections.

“This sprayer is so accurate, it’s almost unbelievable,” says Ed Langfor, who took delivery of his sprayer in time to start the 2018 autumn spraying campaign at Laurel Farm. Growing a range of crops including wheat, barley and sugar beet, he has field sizes ranging from 0.97 to 16ha.

With a traditional 200 litres/ha approach to water volumes, Ed reckons the sprayer’s accuracy has made life so much easier when it comes to liquid management.

“With autofill allowing me to dial in exactly what’s needed to spray fields, there’s virtually nothing left in the tank each time I finish,” he says. “And as a result, tank washings are minimal.”

“The large induction hopper is brilliant too,” he adds. “It’s easy to use and very thorough at agitating and rinsing, which saves me some time when I’m filling.”

He also has high praise for the Tellus go and IsoMatch joystick control system, and likes the sprayer’s Ergodrive and steering axle.

“I’ve been used to drawbar steering with my previous sprayer, but the iXtrack T3 is so much better,” he says. “A push of a joystick button locks the steering in tramlines, and unlocks at headlands. I dislike extra wheelings, and fortunately, the T3 follows on headlands an absolute treat.”

His purchasing criteria included machine reliability and accuracy, and feedback from other Vicon customers soon gave confidence to invest in the new iXtrack T3.

“I’ve been really impressed with the service and support from both my dealer and the manufacturer,” he says. “The iXtrack T3 is certainly a sprayer I’d recommend.”

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