Introducing CrossCutter Disc for Carrier XL

In 2019, Väderstad will extend the CrossCutter Disc range with a new disc adapted for the disc cultivator Väderstad Carrier XL 425-625. CrossCutter Disc will make Carrier XL deliver full cultivation at a working depth of only 3-5cm.

Väderstad CrossCutter Disc is a tool that reaches a new work horizon without compromising work quality or capacity.

– Just as CrossCutter Disc introduced ultra-shallow tillage for the standard Carrier range in 2018, the new XL version of CrossCutter disc will make Carrier XL 425-625 go from deep tillage to shallow tillage up to 3cm working depth. This will allow for a new set of agronomical opportunities with Carrier XL, says Mattias Hovnert, SVP Sales & Marketing, at Väderstad.

Creating a shallow stale seedbed not only increases the amount of seeds germinating, but also the time needed for the seeds in the stale seedbed to emerge. According to research comparing a weed seed put on 6cm depth and a weed seed put on 4cm depth, results in a time difference between 2.4 days for the weed seed to germinate, grow and emerge.

– By reducing the time spent on waiting for the stale seedbed to emerge enough to be eliminated, means that the following crop can be seeded sooner. Alternatively, this additional time provides great opportunities for increasing the yield potential by conducting value-adding field work before the next crop establishment, says Mattias Hovnert.

By only disturbing the topsoil, CrossCutter Disc conserves moisture for the next crop.

– By cutting in its full working horizon, CrossCutter Disc completely cuts the capillarity. This conserves valuable ground moisture for the coming crop. The working depth at 3-5cm ensures that a minimum amount of soil is dried out, while the high amount of residues left in the topsoil helps reflecting sunlight to further conserve moisture, says Mattias Hovnert.

The patented CrossCutter Disc is developed and manufactured from high-quality V-55 Swedish steel at the state-of-the-art disc, point and tine factory Väderstad Components in Överum, Sweden.

The new 510mm CrossCutter Disc will have its official premiere at Agritechnica 2019, and it will be available for Carrier XL 425-625 from November 2019. During the autumn the new 510mm CrossCutter Disc will be used for a preview demo season in Germany.

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