Intelligent Dryer Control System optimizes grain drying

Allmet is helping its customers to reduce drying costs and increase drying capacity thanks to the launch of the Intelligent Dryer Control (IDC) System.

This latest technical advance brought to the UK market is the result of Allmet’s alliance with Tornum AB, a strategic business partnership that has seen the two companies share expertise and resources to focus on product research and development.

The IDC, is long-awaited in the grain market and will benefit customers by minimizing over drying, maximizing obtainable product quality, weight and prices and providing total process control.

Allmet Director, Charles White explained:  “Drying grain precisely is a complex process that you want to get right to maximise the best possible price.  When you use manual methods you run the risk of not reaching the desired moisture content levels, or over drying.  The IDC takes the guess work out of this by maintaining the average outgoing moisture content of the grain, despite large variations in incoming moisture content.”

To illustrate the benefits of the IDC – overstepping the mark by drying to 13 percent instead of 14 can typically add up to 20 percent to your energy bill, give you an additional 1% loss in weight and reduce your dryer’s capacity by up to 16 percent.

Fellow Allmet Director, James White added:  “The IDC optimizes the drying process by using intelligent software that adapts to conditions.  There’s no need for manual adjustments you have total control over the drying process and can change the grain type and drying recipe where ever you are, at the touch a button either from a PC or a tablet.”

Available in four different standard kits, the system consists of moisture sensors and a control unit with a user friendly interface.  The first sensor is positioned in one of the upper drying sections and measures incoming moisture.  The second is placed in the cooling zone, close to the dryer outlet.  Using information about incoming and outgoing moisture content, the control unit sets the speed of the dryer discharge to obtain the desired moisture content out of the dryer – regardless of outside climatic conditions.

For more information about the IDC contact Allmet on 01325 378008.

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