Independent grain marketing course running at The Farmers Club, London, in September

Independent grain market advisors CRM AgriCommodities are pleased to announce that they are hosting another grain marketing course at The Farmers Club, London, on 25th September. The one day course is perfect for farmers and those working within the industry who are looking to learn how to use a variety of grain marketing tools and strategies to create bespoke plans that suit each individual business and manages risk and volatility.

CRM AgriCommodities co-founder, Ben Bodart, says: “Arable enterprises face a number of risks, from external forces including politics and yield, but what we say to businesses frequently is that ultimately the greatest risk and opportunities come from selling their crops, not only through the decisions that are made to control seed, fertiliser, chemical and overhead spend.”

Ben continues: “So many farming and farm contracting enterprises don’t think about harvest sales until they are sat on the combine harvester; however that’s when prices are traditionally under pressure due to the market being flooded. We are advising our customers about when is the time to implement forward and spot sales, before helping them to plan a strategy based on factors including cash flow and storage capacity, and then equip them with the correct tools to manage volatility.”

Anna Leadbetter, partner at Eastern Farms Ltd, a 3,600 acre farming and farm contracting enterprise in Cambridgeshire, is one of several contracting enterprises that have taken advantage of the opportunity to protect their profit margin against the downside of market volatility, whilst ensuring she is marketing the crops of their growing number of contracting clients to the best possible effect. Anna said: “I gained a more in-depth understanding of the various grain marketing tools that I am already using, giving me peace of mind that I am realising the best prices for our business and that of our customers.”

Performance and risk management are at the core of CRM AgriCommodities’ strategies. Ben says: “Over the past three years CRM Agri has beaten the AHDB wheat market average consistently and in our experience a lot of farmers find this a big challenge to achieve on a year to year basis. Our aim is to provide a level of consistency and certainty to a farms bottom line and ultimately smooth out the huge variations in year to year financial performance of businesses involved in buying and selling grains.”

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