Increase productivity and efficiency with TractAir

Visit the TractAir stand at The CropTec Show for a chance to see exciting new possibilities to increase productivity and efficiency – Central Tyre Inflation Systems (CTIS).  Agricultural tractor and trailer tyre pressures are critical if you want to get the best from your machine whilst avoiding soil damage and wasted fuel.  As tractors and trailers get heavier and faster, and as minimising soil compaction becomes more important, our system offers massive advantages.

In the field low pressures are needed to spread the weight of the machine and to maximise grip.  Conversely on the road higher pressures are needed to give stability, fuel efficiency and minimum tyre wear.  In both situations the best pressure also depends on the work being carried out and the load on each axle.  Working with the correct pressures has many advantages:

  • Reduced wheel slip in the field = up to 20% more traction and lower fuel consumption by up to 10%
  • Reduced soil compaction. Yield can be increased by up to 6%
  • Reduced tyre wear and damage by up to 20%
  • Increased grip and stability on the road
  • Better self cleaning of tyre tread in the field. Soil deposits on the roads near field gates are reduced considerably
  • Improved operator comfort on both field and road
  • Longer working season, especially in wet areas
  • Integrates into main tractor display using ISOBUS
  • Change tyre pressure whilst moving
  • Proven robust technology
  • Compatible with dual wheels
  • Inboard air connection available

Our CTIS system allows the farmer to change pressures from inside the cab at the touch of a button, either on a dedicated control panel or built into the tractor display.  This can be done while in motion and at any speed.  The air supply comes from an on board air brake compressor or by a separate high performance hydraulic driven unit which can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle.  Trailer and implement tyre pressures can also be controlled in the same way.

The CTIS system is easy to fit and will deliver a very quick return on investment.  Please visit us at CropTec for more information and prices.

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