The CropTec Show 2017

Join Aphaeas Agriculture on Weds 29th & Thurs 30th Nov at The CropTec Show – visit them on stand 6 in hall 2.

Registration is free for all those who pre-register before the event.

Humintech™ humic acid products available for the first time to farmers in the UK and Ireland

Aphaeas Agriculture Ltd exhibiting on stand 6 hall 2

Aphaeas Agriculture Ltd., the sole distributors of Humintech humic acid products in the UK and Ireland, are delighted to be exhibiting at Croptec this year. Humintech™ GmbH, of Grevenbroich in Germany, is the world leader in humic acid products and for the first time their products are available to farmers in the UK and Ireland. To support the products, research was commissioned.

Trials at the Agri-Food and Bio-Sciences Institute in Belfast (AFBI) in Belfast have produced stunning results for Powhumus® and Biohealth®TH BS, with both products showing increased root length and root forks when applied to the substrate and increased foliage and root weight when applied as a foliar treatment.

What does this mean for farmers and other users?

Aphaeas Agriculture’s customers have been using Powhumus® on their spring barley, winter barley and grass, confirming what we have found under trial situations. Late treated winter barley showed an increase in protein content of 28%, with longer ears and increased grain numbers. We await harvest with excitement!

Spring barley, treated at sowing and at 4 weekly intervals afterwards, showed healthier, more robust seedlings with a better rooting system and at early flowering, analysis is showing increased protein levels and nutrient uptake across the board.

Likewise, our livestock and dairy farmers are reporting increased grass growth, with treated pastures ready for grazing 4 days ahead of untreated pastures. Again, analysis showed improved protein and nutrient levels, with cattle grazing the treated grass much more than untreated grass. At least one dairy farmer expects to increase his stocking rate as a result.

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