How you can get the best out of your land for OSR

Bionature’s trial farm in Lincolnshire has recorded another excellent yield for oilseed rape despite this summer being England’s hottest summer on record.


Bionature UK is a supplier of smart liquid fertilisers for agriculture and we’re passionate about helping you get the most out of your crops.


This year, our trial farm harvested a yield of 7.01t/ha of OSR-  a far cry from the UK average of 4.8-5t/ha.


What’s the secret to OSR success?


Even though the crop was damaged by pigeons in winter and endured the longest dry spell since 1976, the yield speaks for itself.


We achieved this by applying liquid fertiliser to the crops at each stage of the growing cycle to encourage deep rooting and to relieve plant stress.


Two sprays of calcium rich CalFlux were used during flowering to help stimulate growth, keep the crop greener for longer and to fight off the effects of hot weather. By March, the crops showed excellent root structure with long, straight roots to depths of 200-250mm.


A spray of XStress was applied to strengthen the cell walls during the hot, dry weather, encouraging polyamides and preventing the production of ethylene. This helped the crop to continue growing despite the weather.


The nutritional needs of oilseed rape


An oilseed rape crop requires nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, boron, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Proper fertilising with the appropriate nutrients for each stage of the growth cycle can help your plants grow healthily and it can help produce higher quality yields.


Many of these nutrients can be obtained from the soil, but others need to be provided through proper use of fertiliser. Some chemicals, while beneficial in and of themselves, also help plants to take on and store other nutrients more effectively.


Deficiency in any of these nutrients could reduce yield, hinder crop establishment and development and it can make your oilseed rape crops more vulnerable to environmental stress and disease so it’s important plants have all the nutrients they need.


Regular applications of our range of smart liquid fertilisers can help improve root development and plant growth as well as improving branching, stem rigidity and seed development. They can also help your oilseed rape plants become more resilient to stress protect the plants against stress while reducing the amount of nitrogen that is lost to the environment.

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