The CropTec Show 2017

Test drive the Horsch Leeb LT trailed sprayer in the sprayer demonstration area.

Registration is free for all those who pre-register before the event.

The HORSCH Leeb LT trailed sprayers come to The CropTec Show

Available to test drive in the sprayer demonstration area

The HORSCH Leeb 4 LT, 5 LT and 6 LT trailed sprayers feature plastic tanks with 4, 5 and 6,000 litre capacities respectively and all feature the BoomControl Pro system. At the heart of HORSCH’s sprayer innovation is BoomControl Pro, an advanced boom system designed to keep the boom as close to the crop as possible, less than 40cm at up 30kph over hilly terrain. HORSCH research shows that distance from the crop is the key factor in reducing drift and increasing crop penetration, allowing farmers to make the most of valuable herbicides and pesticides.

Three specification levels are available with the entry-level ECO model equipped with a piston diaphragm pump with manual operated valves for suction and pressure side. Above this is the CCS model, which features the automatic internal Continuous Cleaning System, while the CCS Pro model is equipped with a modern electronic system at the suction and pressure side similar to the premium equipment level of the Leeb GS spraying technology. All models have a 500 litre fresh water tank.

Leeb LT boom widths range between 18m and 42m, with the new larger boom widths up to 42m also available for the Leeb GS. The ISOBUS operating concept is an in-house development and incorporates innovative functions that ease adjustment, operation and control of the machine. Nozzle switching can be easily controlled with combinations of 1-0 (nozzle per 50cm) to 4-2 (4 nozzles per 50cm plus 2 nozzles per 25cm). When combined with BoomControl’s target area height of 30 cm, this significantly reduces drift and improves plant wetting.

The optional steering axle uses its own gyroscope removing the need for cable or mechanical connection to the tractor. Only the hydraulic system, road lights and ISOBUS plug is now required. In addition, the Leeb LT is equipped with Load Sensing hydraulics to assist the hydraulic systems of the tractor. The underbody is completely smooth for plant protection with a ground clearance of 85 cm and a hydraulic support for parking leg is standard equipment.

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