Hectare Agritech – the UK’s leading provider of online marketplaces for agricultural outputs

Farm businesses must embrace online marketplaces or risk being left behind.

Hectare Agritech is the parent company of two of the UK’s leading online marketplaces, Graindex and SellMyLivestock.

Between them, they have 37,000 registered users and make up the fourth most-clicked agricultural website in the UK.

Utilising the online marketplace results in more competition and engagement from buyers, giving farmers access to the best deal available to them. Platforms of this nature put everyone on a level playing field, giving smaller, specialist buyers the chance to compete on more farms and providing farmers with more transparency.

We liken the concept of selling grain online to the corn exchanges of old, where many merchants would vie to give the best deal. Since there has been consolidation of buyers, this marketing of grain has become impossible as buyers discourage sellers from having other dealings with other buyers.  How do you overcome this? Create a listing on Graindex and see the spreads in bid value for yourself.

The average spread in buyers bid values since Harvest this year has been £7.42 on wheat and £8.52 on oilseed rape, with an average listing size of 145mt.

Graindex will be exhibiting in Hall 1, Stand 30.

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