Harvesting reporting 2019

Harvesting reports for the 2019 harvesting season are now available on the AHDB website. Prepared by ADAS, they offer weekly insights into current harvesting progress and conditions. So far:

  • Wheat – 31% complete, most milling varieties harvested in the south. Modest progress made during WE20 August due to showers, with harvest yet to start in North East and Scotland.
  • Winter barley – 98% complete, small areas left to harvest in Scotland.
  • Spring barley – 26% complete, mostly in the East of England.
  • Oats – 25% complete, start made to the oat harvest in northern regions.
  • Winter oilseed rape – 95% complete in southern and central England, small areas left in Scotland and the north.

Conditions over the week ending 20th of August were challenging, with heavy downpours leaving grain too wet to harvest for much of the week. Even with the slow down due to weather, by the 20th of August, 1.7 million hectares have been harvested. See AHDB’s website to read the full report and to view a full data dashboard of progress.

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