The CropTec Show 2017

Join Griffith Elder this November at The CropTec Show – visit them on stand no. 12 in Hall 2

Registration is free for all those who pre-register before the event.



Griffith Elder to showcase their portable weigh-beams and on-board agricultural trailer weighing system at CropTec 2017

Griffith Elder exhibiting on stand 12 in Hall 2


This year at CropTec 2017 Griffith Elder will be showcasing their portable weighbeams and on-board agricultural trailer weighing system. Both have been very successful and are highly popular within the agricultural industry. The weigh-beams come with a large display which can be easily seen from the tractor cab, and fobs are available so that the driver does not need to get out of the tractor. The vehicle tare weights can be stored in the indicator, which provides the calculated net weight of the grain. This can be saved to a USB memory stick, so that harvest information can be put straight into a spreadsheet to give yield per field.

The on-board agricultural trailer weighing system has proved itself to be invaluable, it is a weighing solution that works continuously whilst on the move and loading. This allows for tractor-trailer drivers to fill the trailers whilst on the move, proving time efficient during crop harvests. The on-board weighing system has become a favourable option with agricultural contractors as it is fitted to the trailer; therefore it eliminates the need to stop at a public weighbridge. This can be time consuming and a logistical nightmare.

Griffith Elder has been working in partnership with agricultural trailer manufacturers in order to create the ideal on-board weighing system. The robust system withstands the day to day of farm life and is user–friendly. It has the optional extra of a totalising indicator which allows the operator to save individual weights for a batch total. This will display the number of loads a driver has completed and the weight of each load, it will also enable the driver to see the total weight transported at the end of the day. A printer can also be added to the system which allows for ticket records to be printed off.

The Griffith Elder kits are highly versatile and can be fitted with many trailer manufacturers, just request Griffith Elder when you order. The systems can also be retrofitted and you can contact us for more information. For further information contact Jess Edwards on 01284 719 619 or go to

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