Get on top of blackgrass and broad leaved weeds this autumn with Clayton Facet, Sabre and Aspect. Quality Flufenacet + Diflufenican formulations produced in the UK

by Clayton Plant Protection

The foundation of your autumn weed control  

At the heart of Clayton Plant Protection’s autumn portfolio are the Flufenacet + DFF products: Clayton Facet, Clayton Sabre and Clayton Aspect. These products contain 400g / litre Flufenacet and 100g / litre Diflufenican, a recognised formulation that is the foundation of many blackgrass herbicide programmes.

Manufactured in the UK

Like many of Clayton’s expanding range of generic products, Clayton Facet, Clayton Sabre and Clayton Aspect are manufactured in the UK to the highest specification. A video illustrating the quality of the formulation can be found on Clayton’s easy to navigate website

Full support for tank mixing and sequencing

Since these products are often used in tank mix or sequence with alternative active ingredients as part of an integrated approach to weed control Clayton will warrant any tank mix or sequence that is currently supported by the market leader. Clayton’s UK based staff are happy to assist with any queries.

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