Garford Robocrop Multi Section Guided Hoe

Garford Farm Machinery, UK based manufacturer working worldwide for providing advanced technology for progressive farming. Garford pride themselves in providing a bespoke solution to all clients’ precision weeding requirements, using production built assemblies with a talented multi skilled workforce and worldwide after sales support.

Garford can provide products to cater for those on single bed drilling practices, with a multi bed, multi section inter row hoe. With the use of the famous Robocrop guidance system with high accuracy and high output per day, Garford have the ability to use three independent guidance systems working separately to guide your machine down the inter row of your crop.  Using multi cameras, multi side shifts of either 30 cm or 50 cm movement across one tool bar, allows each side shift to be working differently with the drill’s movement and crop establishment. With machine stability for 8–10 mm accuracy, easy adjustable tine frames for crop establishment or altering crop configurations, Garford provide the ease to achieve this.

With using a mechanical weeding method over a herbicide application it allows, not only weed control but also aeration, drainage and breaks the soil cap for further crop establishment. The Garford Robocrop Multi Section is aimed at those growing on a single bed drilling system, to achieve higher output per day to keep the crop cleaner for longer.

For more information on Garford products visit us on Stand 1.4 at CropTec on 27th and 28th November 2019.

Robocrop Multi Section – contact or call 01778 342642 or

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