First completely independent grain marketing programme revolutionises the grain market

Launching at CropTec, Grainsight will provide a unique grain marketing programme, offering farming enterprises totally independent selling decisions, access to multiple buyers and enhanced returns. Grainsight, a collaborative and risk managing programme, will build on CRM AgriCommodities’ previous results of exceeding the wheat market average by £10/T and OSR by £18/T.

Grainsight is the latest innovation from grain market disruptors CRM AgriCommodities, founded by James Bolesworth and Benjamin Bodart, with bespoke grain marketing advisory services, training programmes and joint marketing groups for hundreds of farmers, advisors, consumers and multinationals throughout the UK, Europe and the Black Sea. The results are clear, with a 95% annual customer retention rate.

Grainsight will be supported by a new half day course, ‘How to trade like a trader’, run by founders Ben and James to educate farmers and farm managers, resulting in improved resilience to price volatility and understanding of grain markets. Michael and Christine Collins, who run a 1,000 acre mixed farm partnership near Harlow, Essex, are just one of many clients who have benefited from attending the course.

They said: “CRM Agri’s course really opened our eyes to the various grain marketing tools available, meaning we can be more resilient and reactive to market volatility. This makes our business more flexible, which is essential when managing a mixed enterprise like ours with cereals, potatoes, chickens, pigs and beef cattle in the mix and supporting 17 full time employees.”

With the return of market volatility, seeing the wheat price rising by over £93/T and falling £22/T from a £100/T base since March 2016, Grainsight hits the market when businesses are looking for a trusted and independent sources not only to tell them what to do and when, but to do it on their behalf whilst maintaining their autonomy. With margins being squeezed throughout the supply chain, this unique service will allow farmers to collaborate at a time when the industry will need to work more closely together.

Grainsight will deliver value back to the supply chain by allowing farmers to market grain more profitably through a professionally operated transparent programme, managed by CRM AgriCommodities and the expert advice of their independent marketing advisors and global market analysts.

CRM AgriCommodities’ strategies have continually beaten market averages, whilst managing risk and price volatility remains at the core of every decision. Co-founder James Bolesworth says: “Over the past three years CRM Agri has beaten the wheat market average by £10/T and OSR by £18/T despite lower volatility than has been seen in the past – for a farmer selling 1000T of wheat and 300T of OSR this is an additional £15,400 in the bank each year compared to traditional tracker pools.”

Co-founder Ben Bodart continued: “The Grainsight managed marketing programme gives growers access to risk management tools, a wide range of national and local buyers and the benefit of enhanced prices through aggregated volumes and price transparency.” He continued: “The cost of purchasing is reduced for buyers by dealing with one entity and giving them access to pools of grain across the whole of the UK, this value can then be passed back to the farmers along with the additional price benefit of selling at scale, whilst allowing sellers to be totally in control of who they sell to and knowing that their grain is being marketed by a totally independent manager”.

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