Field to Fork Innovations

By Cranfield University

Field to Fork Innovations: Cranfield University will be at CropTec 2020, come and talk to us about your key business challenges

Cranfield is a specialist postgraduate university with a leading reputation for working closely with industry to ensure that our research is translated into action and has measurable impacts.

We utilise the latest technical thinking and state-of-the-art facilities to develop practical solutions to address soil, crop, water and data management challenges. In partnership with Agri-EPI and CHAP, Cranfield hosts unique pilot scale facilities enabling us to answer your questions under controlled conditions. We also work closely with agri-business partners to run replicated trials at field scale.

We have the largest collection of soil and water scientists in the UK, and will have different experts on the stand on different days – come and talk to us about:

• Seed and grain storage – Tuesday 24th AM: understanding the optimum conditions to prevent contamination and spoilage.

• Postharvest – Tuesday 24th PM: addressing challenges around postharvest food loss and storage.

• Soil and water Management – Wednesday 25th AM: the key relationships between the physical, chemical and biological processes in soil and their impact on crop health; how to improve production when water is limiting.

• Soil Management and net zero carbon – Wednesday 25th PM: soil management for optimising carbon sequestration and how can you prepare for ELMS.

• Soil Management – Thursday 26th PM: looking at soil erosion mitigation, the benefits of cover crops, tramline management and how to integrate soil conservation options into your crop rotations.

• Digital agriculture – Thursday 26th PM: how to convert complex data into simple tools for effective decision making. If you can’t make it on the right day, it is not a problem – come and chat and we will be delighted to arrange follow up meetings with our colleagues.

We can co-develop any project (small or large) flexibly to meet your business needs, using direct funding, working with our students or collaborating on Government funded programmes. For example, if you have an innovative and challenging idea to advance your business but need additional knowledge and capability to fulfil your ambition, then a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) might be the right route for you. We have had multiple successful KTPs with the agricultural sector.

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