Exhibitor profile: Clayton Plant Protection – Meet one of the newest additions to the CropTec exhibitor list

Clayton Plant Protection provides an extensive range of solutions for growers targeting key disease, weed and pest problems in the agricultural, horticultural and amenity sectors.

As an established family business of more than 25 years, Clayton Plant Protection has an experienced team and an effective business model for the challenges faced in the industry today. It also has the ability to adapt quickly to changing business and regulatory environments the industry will likely face in the future. A focus on customers and quality is paramount to provide cost-effective, flexible solutions for growers and an alternative to the large multinationals.

We are continuously innovating and striving to provide our markets with cost effective options for their agrochemical needs. Growing demand has seen us expand from our core UK market into new markets in mainland Europe where we are growing our presence in Poland, France and Germany with new markets on the horizon. To support these activities, we have an ever-broadening global network of manufacturers, formulators, consultants, suppliers and clients that share our values.

With an expanding portfolio of proven high performance generic formulations and a wide range of parallel registrations, Clayton gives growers today the choices they need for tackling key pest, disease and weed problems

We offer a wide range of leading crop protection products including selective and non-selective herbicides suitable for all sectors as well as fungicides and insecticides for the agricultural and horticultural sector. We are a responsible company and work continuously with our customers to ensure that our products are used correctly to protect both the environment and the food chain.

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