Selling at the event – A guide for exhibitors

1:When first speaking to a visitor, engage and ask lots of questions to qualify their potential as customers

2: Have a question ready ‘What brings you to the show today?’ ‘What brought you to our exhibit’

3: Don’t forget to introduce yourself

4: Get the details of the person you are talking to

5: Don’t judge a book by its cover! Be careful not to judge people, leads and customers come in all different forms. Get information before you dismiss them!

6: When talking to people think about what is important to them and their business. Build rapport with them to help resonate further

7: When talking about your business use USP’s not to mention proof and testimonials

8: Have something fun and interesting in your exhibit such as a competition. Tie it in with post-show activity.

9: Use SEALE, when talking think Smile, Eye contact, Acknowledge, Listen and Engage. This is even more important over video!

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