Soya UK remind growers that Millet & Soya are useful late-sown options

By Soya UK

Growers with bare land are reminded that Soya and Millet are both sown in late April through to late May, and can save the day for growers looking for late-sown cropping options.

With the unprecedented winter weather, the UK is looking at the largest spring cropping area for many years, and with a shortage of spring seed and rotational restrictions to consider, many growers are stumped for an option.

In addition, worries over Coronavirus and potential disruption to the export / import of both commodities (since both Millet and Soya are usually imported), Soya UK has increased the contract acreage available for growers looking for a late-sown option.

Soya UK Ltd is offering full buy-back contracts on soya for this coming Spring.

For further information, contact Jacqui McNaughton on or visit or call the office on 02380 696922.

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