Efficient through spring with the APV implements

by APV

For over 20 years the company APV has been offering implements for combined use in seeding and spreading technology. APV also has some innovative solutions in its product range for potato cultivation.

The Multi-Metering System MDC 40 M1

The MDC is registered in the list of suitable granule spreaders of the Julius-Kühn-Institute and is therefore approved for individual granules (e.g. Attraca). This series is specially sealed and designed for 2-row and 4-row use. The dosing unit is controlled by a control box, which can also drive both Multi-Metering Systems independently of each other.

Pneumatic Seeders for fertilisers

The Pneumatic Seeder Fertiliser Edition is a further development of the Pneumatic Seeders for seeds and is designed for fertiliser application. These models are available from 120 to 800 litres hopper volume and with electric or hydraulic fan depending on the application rate.
Depending on the application, different seeding shafts can be used.

The Liquid Fertilizer LF 600 M1

From 2020 APV has another implement for combined use in its product range.

With the Liquid Fertilizer 600, short LF 600 M1, which has been developed especially for the dosing of liquid agents, APV expands its product range in dosing technology. The main focus is on user-friendliness and exact dosing of all liquid agents commonly used in agriculture. The setting of the application rate is conveniently adjusted via the control box and can also be adapted to the respective conditions during operation. As with the other seeders, the Liquid Fertilizer can also be equipped with sensors for speed and lift controlled application. The LF 600 M1 therefore not only helps to increase yield, but also saves time and money.

The Liquid Fertilizer has a hopper volume of 600 litres and is supplied with 12 hose outlets as standard. However, the number of hose outlets can be freely selected from 2 to 48. The agent can be precisely dosed in the row using point or flat jet nozzles.

Further information, as well as photos and product details, can be found on the APV website www.apv.at!

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