Early root development key to winter survival – Fielder’s Kick-Off shows remarkable results in real farm situations 

by Dejex

Dejex together with Compo-Expert have introduced Easy Start Micro-Granular Fertiliser in the UK market.  This precision fertiliser can be used to significantly reduce levels of standard base fertiliser, improving environmental responsibility while maintaining yields. 

Easy Start is applied at drilling directly into the seedbed at rates as low as 20kg per hectare.  The formulation provides the seed’s nutrient requirement on germination improving initial germination levels, uniformity and root development. 

Easy Start – What are the advantages? 

  • Application in the “neighborhood” of the seed guarantees emergence and first development of roots. 
  • Higher fertiliser efficiency especially under dry conditions. 
  • More uniform crop development in the first growing phase. 
  • Better and deeper root development. 
  • Improved physical stability of the crop and higher capacity for future nutrient uptake. 
  • Reduction of N leaching. 
  • Additional trace elements to ensure optimal growth 
  • Fine uniform granule size within the range of 0.5-1.4mm. 

Easy Start – Target crops 

Typical rates for target crops. 

  Crop    Kg/ha 
  Maize    20-40 
  Oil seed rape    20-30 
  Sugar beet    15-35 
  Cereals    20-50 
  Sunflowers    20 


Speak to Dejex at CropTec about starting your journey with precision fertilisers. 

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