Dale Drills – Efficient Crop Establishment Creates Healthier Soils

Dale Drills range of No Till Eco Drills offer users the opportunity to establish crops in an economically efficient way whilst ensuring healthier, more resilient soils, capable of growing higher yielding crops.

Features include:

Low disturbance tines keep horsepower requirement to a minimum of just 20hp/m (a 6m Eco M can comfortably be pulled with a 150hp tractor) reducing fuel consumption whilst also limiting the weight of machinery on the soil and preventing unnecessary compaction.

Independent drilling assemblies follow contours accurately ensuring even depth control across the width of the drill, giving rise to a crop which emerges evenly. This feature also reduces the need for additional cultivation passes in order to level seedbeds saving money and time.

An adjustable hydraulic pressure to drilling assemblies allows users to drill into any seedbeds, from firmer direct seedbeds to looser min till and even into conventional plough based seedbeds, reducing the need for multiple drills saving money and time.

An adjustable row width from 12.5cm to 25cm (5” – 10”) offers users the versatility to plant crops at the optimum spacing for best yield, whilst the ability to place fertiliser and other products alongside seed optimises establishment.

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