Food & Environment via IPM Hub to encourage visitors to take a fresh look at Integrated Pest Management

The 10th edition of The CropTec Show will host a new series of Knowledge Hubs where visitors can listen to expert speakers review topics that are critical to the industry. Among these will be the Food & Environment via IPM Hub, sponsored by AHDB, which will take a fresh look at IPM techniques and unpack the role it plays in cultivating resilience on-farm.

 “With farm input cost inflation reported to be in the high 30% range for a farm that relies on profit from combinable production, it’s imperative to take a hard look at all farm costs,” comments Harry Henderson, Technical Knowledge Exchange Manager at AHDB. “The foundation of this is an Integrated Pest or Farm Management system. Fuel, fertiliser, crop protection, and labour all need to be justified from a financial point of view, and just doing the same as last year is simply not going to stack up.”

AHDB’s hub will feature two sessions that will provide visitors with advice and tools to help navigate IPM. With pest and disease resistance of varieties increasing in importance, Catherine Harris, a Senior Scientist at AHDB, will lead a session focussing on how to get the best out of AHDB’s Recommended Lists (RL) as a resource for disease management.

Dr Mark Ramsden, a Principle Consultant at ADAS, will also demonstrate the new IPM Decisions Platform, showcasing how it can be used to assess upcoming risks associated with pests in crops throughout Europe. This session will also show how different locations and risk forecasts can be compared, as well as how to find IPM tools to manage pests as part of IPM strategies.

“Looking at IPM is all about mindset but taking a new look at your farm and challenging current practices, your expectations from your land in terms of yield and quality, and listing unnecessary operations could well bring a new ethos to the farm and new thinking to the farmer,” continues Harry.

“IPM is not new, but farmers would be wise to take a fresh look at adopting principles on farm to ensure the farm stays profitable and in business for the long term. Doing this can also provide benefits like reduced costs, stable yields and environmental payments. AHDB has a range of tools to help you adopt IPM principles, and it’s time to sit down with a coffee and realise what these tools can do for you.”

The Food & Environment via IPM Hub can be found on the AHDB stand at CropTec, which will be held at the East of England Showground in Peterborough on 23rd and 24th November. Free ticket registration and additional details about the 2022 Knowledge Hubs can be found at


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