Murray Smedley, Managing Director of Ilex Envirosciences Limited and Chair of EBIC’s UK Task Force, will be discussing biostimulants and the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation at CropTec 2019.

Meet Murray on Wednesday November 27th at the UPL Biosolutions Hub, stand 1.34, as he delivers his presentation.

Q1: When was your first experience of the world of biosolutions/biostimulants, and what was your opinion of them?

A: My involvement with biostimulants began almost 20 years ago. At that time there was little evidence and limited interest from UK growers.

Q2: How have things changed?

A: Since then, there’s been an increase in relevant UK technical data regarding the modes of action. Understanding has also improved in terms of the importance of biostimulants in sustainable food production.

Q3: What do you believe is the biggest challenge that biostimulants face, in terms of uptake of use and practical application?

A: The biggest challenge has to be the new regulatory controls in mainland EU. Also, there needs to be a greater understanding of the agronomic value of biostimulants, & their place in cropping programmes by UK growers.

Q4: What do you think the industry needs to do to overcome potential challenges / barriers?

A: We must continue to offer an independent and qualified viewpoint at events such as CropTec and the Biostimulants Hub!

Q5: What excites you about biostimulants?

A: The concept of Nutrient Use Efficiency and the role of biostimulants within this.

Q6: What frustrates you?

A: My frustration would be the spurious claims and insufficient supporting data we see too commonly from some suppliers.

Q7: If you were a grower visiting CropTec 2019, what would you want to know about biostimulants?

A: When should I use them? And what benefits do they offer?

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