Cranfield University Knowledge Transfer Partnership Funding

Do you have an innovative and challenging idea to advance your business but need additional knowledge and capability to fulfil your ambition?

A KTP project with Cranfield could be the solution.

Companies that participate in KTP benefit from increased profits and exports, investment in plant and machinery and further research and development, trained staff and new job creation.

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Here’s what AB Sugar has to say about working with us:

“Our KTP with Cranfield has produced benefits beyond the immediate scope of the project we are working on, and we have benefited in a number of significant ways. For instance our knowledge of a fundamental component of agriculture, the soil, has significantly increased, which in turn has allowed us to support our suppliers better.

“The project itself has advanced our understanding and ability in the area of harvest management even before the project has been completed.

“The KTP associate has introduced new perspectives and thinking in areas beyond the project. He has also given us easy access to Cranfield’s excellent academic resources, their depth of knowledge and network.

“Having an additional member of the team, with skills and knowledge new to the company, has been a very beneficial asset, we didn’t previously realise we had missing.”

Here’s what G’s Growers Ltd has to say about working with us:

“G’s Growers found both the experience of undertaking a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Cranfield and the project outcomes to be very valuable to our business.

“The projects were very successful and ensured G’s Growers had a deep and embedded understanding of the technology we are now using as a business tool. This has had an important impact for the company.

“We have also recruited the KTP Associate who undertook the project work and have integrated him into our innovation team.”

Where appropriate, KTP projects can also make use of the facilities and expertise associated with the:

    • Crop Health and Protection Centre (CHAP) soil health facilities housed at Cranfield which allows integrated pilot scale research on the dynamic interactions between soil condition, crops, tillage, water and biotic stresses.



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