Cranfield University at The CropTec Show


We have the largest collection of soil and water scientists in the UK and have been designated by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs as the national reference centre for soils. In addition, in 2017, we were awarded a Queens Award for Further and Higher Education in Soil Science. Our expertise covers a comprehensive range of sub-disciplines such as soil biology, chemistry and physics, soil conservation and erosion, modelling soil processes, sustainable soil management, soil-plant-water interactions and soil-tillage engagement.

Plant science

We address critical areas of plant science, including phenotyping, bioinformatics, mycology and crop water use. We house the CHAPs Plant Phenotyping and Soil Health Facility – the world’s first glasshouse to study plant-soil-water systems at pilot scale under a multi sensor gantry.

Reducing food losses and waste

We have one of the largest and best equipped centres in Europe dedicated to research in postharvest biology and technology for physiological, biochemical and molecular analysis and interpretation.

Satellite to seed

We are world leading in digital agriculture, using advances in sensor technology, informatics and data sciences to drive innovation in agriculture. We are investing £4 million in a new building and Centre for Environmental and Agricultural Informatics.

If you want to arrange 1-2-1 meetings during the CropTec event to discuss your research/consultancy priorities associated with the above capabilities please do not hesitate to contact Dr Rob Simmons

Rob will ensure that we match you with the appropriate academic.

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