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Cimbria – Colour at first sight

Cimbria exhibiting on stand 102 in Hall 1

Many years of experience in the field have allowed Cimbria SEA colour sorting machines to play a leading role into the optical electronic sorting industry. Our strong market position is the result of over 40 years of know-how in development and production of optical electronic color sorting equipment. This enables us to offer the most innovative and flexible sorting solutions based on a technical experience and a strong concept.

The latest sorting machines introduced to the market by Cimbria are the “Chromex” and “True” optical sorters, equipped with high-resolution full-color RGB trichromatic cameraswhich, combined with HIS software system, allow a near human eye vision color sorting technology. The Chromex  system is also equipped with a shape-sizing function integrated into the system, to sort out elements according to their geometric characteristics.

LED lighting and back-ground systems, exclusively designed for our sorting machines, allow the most precise focusing of the beam on the inspection line.
Program settings and adjustments are performed through a user-friendly software, which allows the real image setting directly on the sorter touch-screen, to establish the defective elements to sort out.

All Cimbria sorters are available from 1 to 7 chutes, to satisfy any production capacity.

Our machines perfectly suit the needs of modern food and non-food processing systems that demand the optical sorters ability to detect and reject products having a similar color but with different shades.

Some typical examples for which the highest sorting accuracy is required are removal of Ergot from Cereals, Wheat from Barley, removal of discoloured Beans to name but a few.

Cimbria SEA Colour Sorting machines represents state-of-the-art optical sorting technology which is able to match the increasingly stringent requirements of food commodities industry, ensuring that safety and purity requirements are met.

For more information please contact Cimbria on 01757 706387 or visit

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