The CropTec Show 2017

The Agrifac Milan will be available to test drive in the sprayer demonstration area.

Registration is free for all those who pre-register before the event.

Bringing A Touch Of Milan To The UK

Agrifac Milan will be available to test drive in the sprayer demonstration area

For the first time this summer the Agrifac Milan trailed sprayer arrives in the UK. The Agrifac Milan offers a high-tech sprayer with ease of use as one of the major requirements. With the EcoTronicPlus, you can operate the machine with only one touchscreen on which you can see everything you need. This results in quick operation and an increase in capacity. Ideal for spraying multiple crops and contractor use as the GreenFlowPlus system and easy operation makes frequent cleaning easy and take as little time as possible.

The Agrifac Milan offers four different tank sizes: 3500, 4200, 5400 and 6800 litre and boom widths of 27m to 45m making a trailed sprayer of the highest quality, meeting the highest demands of our customers.

The Agrifac Milan will visiting all parts of the UK as part of it’s UK tour. If you are interested in visiting or having an on farm demo visit our website

Dutch design

Agrifac is a Dutch brand with 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing sprayers. Right from the start Agrifac became market leader of sprayers in the Netherlands. The Dutch agricultural sector is well known all over the world. The Netherlands is a small country, however, capable of producing high yields and making maximum use of all available land. This makes The Netherlands the 2nd largest food exporter of the world.

Highest yield

Every drop hits the right spot. That’s the way to gain more yield per hectare. Agrifac achieves this by using several techniques, the Plusses of Agrifac. The Plusses of Agrifac vary from the latest high-tech innovations to inventions that are already used for over 30 years. What they have in common, is that the solutions were always Brilliant Simple.


The EcoTronicPlus is the operating heart of the machine. It’s the spray computer as well as the interface for machine settings. This system provides the user all necessary information during spraying and ensures that most func-tions are performed automatically. The most important processes and indicators of the machine are visible at a glance. According to our users it’s by far the most user friendly system in the agricultural equipment sector.


An example of Agrifac’s innovative design and flexibility is GreenFlowPlus. This full circulation pump system is standard on all Condor and Milan sprayers. The system makes it possible to work without rest liquids, prevents sed-imentation of chemicals, creates an optimal spray pattern and ensures that spray triangles are history. All due to the unique Agrifac pump system and pneumatic controlled pressure regulator. The pressure regulator adapts very quickly to speed changes and opening and closing sections, creating a system where the correct application rate is been achieved regardless of the various working speeds in the field.

Stable and robust A-boom

The window of opportunity for spraying is decreasing. Also higher quality requirements for crop care become more and more important. Wider boom widths and higher working speeds with a stable boom are essential. Quality and stability are the key features for the A-boom which is especially developed for a long life time, even at high working speeds.

The Milan sprayer is equipped with the aluminium A-boom. Stiff, light and strong are the core qualities of this boom. Due to the construction of the boom, it folds compact which limits the width of the machine especially during trans-portation. The nozzles are optimal protected by the boom under all circumstances. Standard on the Milan is the Agrifac circulation system due to which the circulation takes place up to the nozzle.


With the optional HighTechAirPlus you can increase your capacity up to 50%. Nozzles do not have to be changed and you will always have the right droplet size regardless the speed you drive. On top of that you can spray with less drift. HighTechAirPlus is a combination of traditional spraying, air injection and mixing in the nozzle holders. This enables the operator to always work with the right droplet size. The droplet size can be steplessly adjusted, from very fine to coarse. The computer will inject either more or less air to the nozzle holder to create the selected droplet size. This provides better coverage of the leaf surface in all cases, resulting in better crop protection and higher yields.

Brilliant Simple

A trailed sprayer of the highest quality, meeting the highest demands of our customers. The most innovative ma-chine available with the highest capacity. A machine which does what it is intended to do, but extremely simple to use and maintain. Shortly: Brilliant Simple.

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