The CropTec Show 2017

Join Arysta LifeScience this November at The CropTec Show – visit them on stand no.34 in Hall 1

Registration is free for all those who pre-register before the event.

Biostimulants – partners in crop health

Arysta LifeScience exhibiting on stand 34 in Hall 1

The role of plant nutrition is well known in early crop development, but now, interest is growing in how best to harness this potential through improved rooting. Plants source nutrients via the root system and leaves, and one method of improving rooting is biostimulants – products that can improve the health, depth and size of roots.

Biostimulants work by improving the plant’s metabolism, facilitating nutrient and water absorption through the root system, and by boosting quality attributes such as fruit setting, grain quality and limiting flower drop. Plant health and vigour improves a plant’s ability to tolerate stress conditions, so allowing yield to reach its potential.

But, Biostimulants aren’t a replacement for traditional plant protection or nutrition products, instead they should be used as a complimentary addition to encourage overall health and vitality. Because so much more is now known about how crop nutrition works, it’s understood that stimulating a plant’s immune system and metabolism is key, and how this can be influenced in a positive manner, such as by using biostimulants.

Biostimulant products will be among those showcased and discussed at the Arysta LifeScience-sponsored Biostimulant Hub at the CropTec show.

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