BASF to share the risk of growing oilseed rape this autumn

This autumn BASF is planning to share the risk of growing oilseed rape (OSR) with farmers. The company’s OSR Establishment Risk Share Programmes will cover all InVigor winter oilseed rape hybrid varieties.

According to Sarah Middleton, BASF’s OSR Campaign Manager, the move has been prompted by a combination of the desire to support farmers with the burden of growing the challenging crop, coupled with the business’s confidence in their varieties and drilling advice.

“We know how challenging oilseed rape can be from establishment right the way through to harvest, but we’re also keenly aware of the importance of OSR in the arable rotation,” she says.

The InVigor Establishment Risk Share Programme is open to any farm that drills InVigor seed before the 22 of September 2019. Any crop that fails requiring an alternative crop to be re-drilled will be eligible to claim £30/ha by the 31 October 2019. Growers who buy InVigor seed will automatically be registered onto the programme with their purchase.

“We are very confident that the vigour of all the varieties in the InVigor range will ensure that all crops will establish well, even if they are drilled late,” she adds. “Take InV1035, irrespective of whether it is drilled at conventional or late timing and in good or sub-optimal growing conditions its early vigour makes it quick to establish; coupled with its habitual fast growth it achieves consistently high gross outputs. Added to this, InV1035 also has good winter hardiness, lodging resistance plus tolerance to pod shatter and verticillium wilt.”

Sarah also notes that ADAS trials have found that later drilling up until mid-September can reduce the damage from Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle (CSFB) larvae the following spring.

In addition, BASF is offering growers an extended period of cover on a limited volume of InV1035 (available exclusively from Agrii). For an additional cost of £15 per bag (£5/ha), growers have until 31 December 2019 to make a claim for establishment failure” Sarah comments.

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