Are you growing food for the nation?

We all have a responsibility to ensure that food is healthy which means it must be nutrient-rich. The problem is, if you’re growing cereals or OSR, you’re not growing food, you’re growing a commodity from which food may be produced.

Unfortunately, this is where it all goes wrong. Food producers will add, blend, mix, a whole array of health damaging chemicals with numerous ‘E numbers’ to produce some sort of ‘food’ that is high in sugar, salt and preservatives; so much for your hard work and effort to grow healthy food, but there is another side to this story. Growing mineral-rich crops means your crop will be healthy – less disease, fewer chemicals and lower cost of production means more money for you!

Your soil is the mother of your plant, providing the nutrition your plant requires and as such the soil is a living, breathing organism – not much different to any other living creature. If your soil is not healthy, your crop will not be healthy.

We need to provide a healthy diet for your mother soil and that means ensuring a healthy plant root microbial biome. Your soil is the stomach of your plant and as such will either cause or prevent disease; prevention is better and that means having the correct range of beneficial micro-organisms that create antibodies to protect your plant from soil pathogens that will provide the minerals – including phosphate and others that trigger the growth hormones in your plants.

This consortium of micro-organisms must have a food source so they can quickly multiply, before hatching on to your plant roots when your crop takes over the role of feeding them. That is what SFS Biological Farming system does, helping you to grow healthy crops in a healthy soil.

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