APV – Multi-Metering System MDC 40 M1 – The Chemical Expert

Multi-Metering System MDC 40 M1 – The Chemical Expert

The MDC 40 M1 multi-metering system (C for “chemicals”) is a special form of the MDG 40 M1. It is specially sealed and its concept is perfectly suited for pellets (e.g. Vydate, Belem, Goldor Bait, Attracap, Mocap, etc.), which are only spread in 2 rows without air support. Thanks to the already-installed sure-fill adapter, you do not come into contact with the agents while filling. The pellets are reliably metered by our well-tested seeding shaft. The agent is conveyed through two hoses directly to the fishtail coulters, which deposit the pellets safely and precisely in a row.

You can upgrade and convert your multi-metering system at any time – from a spreader without air support to a pneumatic catch crop seeder or a slug pellet spreader with a spreading disc. We ensure the usefulness of your investment and enable a wide range of applications with minimal conversion effort!

Listed by the Julius Kühn Institute

Your advantages

  • Sealed spreader for safe spreading of your granulated crop protection products
  • Precise lateral distribution thanks to individual seeding shaft wheels for each outlet
  • Compact and versatile metering unit
  • Quantity adjustment while driving
  • Optional speed and tractor linkage sensors
  • Fill level sensor and calibration button optional
  • Control module with power connection using 3-pin socket
  • Seeding shafts suitable for common applications are included in the scope of delivery
  • Stainless steel metering unit
  • Accessories kits for conversion to MDS, MDP or MDG

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