AminoA Biostimulants launch new liquid products

UK based biotechnology company, AminoA Biostimulants have now officially launched their new liquid range of biostimulant products.

AminoA FLO is a highly concentrated l-isomer amino-acid complex developed for the large scale arable farmer. It contains synthetics and the latest crop penetrant technology to make it suitable for mixing with other agrochemicals. There are no restrictions on its use, apart from in organics, and it is competitively priced against comparable products such as Terrasorb. It is recommended for use in all fungicidal tank-mixes at a rate of 1 litre ha.

In the case of severely stressed crops or to encourage protein synthesis in Wheat, pod fill in OSR or other key target growth stages it is recommended to apply 2.5 litres ha.

The Company have also launched AminoA GRO, a liquid L-isomer amino-acid complex formulated from vegetal source material and fluvic acid to maximise plant uptake. AminoA GRO is fully approved for use in Organics. The recommended application rate is between 2-5 litres ha.

‘’Our products are deliberately designed to have broad spectrum activity as they contain every essential amino-acid that plants synthesise throughout their growth cycle. Therefore, if applied to the plant at any stage from sowing to maturity they can contribute positively to yield and quality if the plant is not already producing an optimal level of amino-acids itself.

We are satisfied that repeated use of our products in combination with other agrochemicals will enhance their effectiveness and produce a yield response in the crop.

Most of our customers are conventional arable farmers who have realised that the judicious use of biostimulants can boost yields and profits whilst at the same time sustaining the fragile ecosystem in our soils.’’ Richard Phillips Managing Director AminoA Ltd.

AminoA Biostimulants are available direct or through selected distributors, for more information see  call 01633894300 or email

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