Bayer grants access to in-depth glyphosate study reports

Bayer has granted public access to 107 glyphosate safety study reports that were submitted to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as part of the substance authorisation process in the European Union (EU).

The studies can be viewed on its dedicated transparency platform.

Liam Condon, president of Bayer’s Crop Science Division says: “Transparency is a catalyst for trust, so more transparency is a good thing for consumers, policymakers and businesses. As an innovation company, safety is our top priority and we are completely committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our products are safe for people and the environment.

“By making our detailed scientific safety data available, we encourage anyone interested to see for themselves how comprehensive our approach to safety is. We embrace the opportunity to engage in dialogue so we can build more trust in sound science.”

Transparency platform

This new addition to the Bayer transparency platform follows last December’s publication of more than 300 glyphosate safety study summaries submitted under the EU substance authorisation process for plant protection products.

Bayer says access has now been enabled to all the related in-depth glyphosate safety studies to which it wholly owns the rights.

Due to legal restrictions, Bayer says it cannot release the glyphosate studies conducted and owned by third parties.

Bayer says it stands behind the safety of glyphosate and will continue to vigorously defend its glyphosate-based products.

Article taken from Guardian

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