Working towards a common goal: Smart Crop Management with Van Walt equipment

If you set aside Brexit – just for the moment – the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs priorities include a cleaner, healthier environment, benefiting people and the economy; supporting a world leading food and farming industry; creating a rural economy that works for everyone; and a nation better protected against floods, animal and plant diseases and other hazards. Goals that many of us can relate to and that most of us are working towards.

In our own way Van Walt Ltd has been helping farmers, researchers, growers, agronomists and environmental scientists for almost 35 years. We know a thing or two about innovation, smart crop management and using the latest equipment to obtain accurate data on which to make better, more informed decisions to improve yields, reduce costs and increase profits.

Managing and monitoring soil in order to implement better policies to protect it, is at the heart of a new range of equipment we have introduced and are proud to support. The Steven Water range takes smart crop management to the next level.  It is equipment comprising of sensors, probes and data transfer solutions that will help improve crop irrigation and water optimisation, to increase crop yields and soil fertility, while saving money and precious natural resources.

This new equipment monitors soil moisture – nothing new. Indeed, Van Walt has been offering different techniques to do just this for several years but now we can offer a solution that is priced to make it accessible for all, anyone in the industry can access usable soil moisture data simply and accurately.

Van Walt’s Stevens Water range goes from small, easily portable handheld probes that collect onsite data then, using wireless sensor to smartphone technology, provide instant soil moisture measurements; profiling probes for the cost-effective measurement of volumetric water content over multiple depths using a single probe through to networks of telemeterised soil moisture sensors, that use the patented technology of the world renowned HydraProbe. The HydraProbe, over 10,000 of which have been sold worldwide, is the most scientifically researched soil sensor available on the market for extremely accurate and fast soil moisture measurements. It can be used individually or with multiple units to create a network of sensors. We are so confident in the technology behind the HydraProbe, that every unit is offered with a 5-year warranty.

Combine these sensors with Van Walt’s very powerful and flexible data-collection systems, and you can link up to 300 different sensors and get data delivered to your desktop, without the need to go onsite. This data can be used to trigger alarms and operate switches to integrate irrigation systems to localised water requirements. We can even combine different types of sensors like groundwater dataloggers, rain gauges or flow meters, all to the same network – whatever you need for better and smarter crop management.

For more information and to see the Stevens Water equipment in person, visit Van Walt at Stand 24 in Hall 1, CropTec Show, 28th & 29th November, 2018 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

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